Build a palace of squalor with Sims 4’s new basement kit

There are two new upcoming kits for The Sims 4, each with a completely different vibe. The Greenhouse Haven Kit will add a lush, green outdoor space for your Sims, while the Basement Treasures Kit will let you indulge your own gremlin aesthetic with well-worn and “lived-in” items.

As someone who adores adding a level of realism to her Sims gameplay (I added cracks from the Vampires game pack to my Sims’ shitty college rental house to really capture the shitty college rental house experience), I welcome the “grungy and aged” furniture and decor that will come with Basement Treasures. The official press release says that the kit will include old trophies and family photos, dusty trinkets, and an older TV model. If the photos are accurate, it also looks like there’s going to be a used mattress that can lean against a wall — what’s a basement without that?

Greenhouse Haven, meanwhile, will include gardening objects like starter seedlings, stacks of pots, and hanging flowers, along with more greenhouse building tools like glass pane windows and doors.

Both kits will be available on April 20 — so, if you know of any celebrations involving greenhouses and basements happening that day, it might be a great time to celebrate. Kits are typically $4.99, a small price to pay for an extra oomf of realism.

A lush greenhouse as seen in the Sims 4 Image:  Electronic Arts