Blizzard shares Diablo IV Construct build strategies for Season 3, live January 23

Fight through fearsome Vaults and avoid lethal hazards while fighting alongside your Seneschal Companion in Diablo IV’s Season of the Construct. On January 23, dive into a new Seasonal Questline where you’ll receive your very own Seneschal Construct. As an exclusive deep dive for Season of the Construct, we’re going to give an overview of how to earn your Construct and the Stones needed to increase their lethality. Here’s the insider scoop on key builds you can use to obliterate your enemies.

Crush, conquer, Constructs

The Seneschal Construct is obtained during the Seasonal Questline in Season of the Construct. To begin the Seasonal Questline, you’ll need to create a new Seasonal Character and select the Skip Main Campaign option to dive right in. If you have not yet completed the Main Campaign, create a new character on the Seasonal realm, complete the prologue, and then use the Skip Main Campaign option to access the Seasonal Questline.

Once your Seneschal Companion is obtained, your next step is to customize them with Governing and Tuning Stones. Governing Stones give your companion a variety of abilities, ranging from launching smaller Constructs to detonate on impact to shooting down enemy projectiles. Tuning Stones modify the skills of the associated Governing Stones, such as increasing the attack speed or instantly destroying enemy barriers. Each Construct can be customized with two Governing Stones and six Tuning Stones (three Tuning stones to modify one Governing Stone), leading to a variety of potent combinations to uncover.

These stones can be obtained in a few different ways. The primary way to earn these will be from Vaults, an all-new dungeon type that pits players against lethal hazards and enemy Constructs. Additionally, they can be earned as a completion reward from defeating the Seasonal Boss, completing Arcane Tremors in the Overworld, or by unlocking them in the Season Journey.

Defeating enemy Constructs will also drop Shattered Stone, which can be used to craft Governing and Tuning Stones at your local Jeweler.