Beautiful hand-painted watercolor game Dordogne finally has a release date

Dordogne caught my eye a few years ago, shortly after I started watercolor painting. Its art is an example of everything I love about the medium — the ethereal softness of the ink, the unwilling nature of water. I’ve followed its development on its developer livestreams, watching its artists build the French countryside out of paint. But now, after several years in development, Dordogne has a release date.

Publisher Focus Entertainment and developers Umanimation and Une je ne sais quoi announced Tuesday that Dordogne will be released June 13 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Windows PC via Steam.

Dordogne mixes both 3D animation and watercolor to create a narrative adventure game set in the French countryside. It’s centered around a woman named Mimi — she’s digging for her childhood memories, blending both her childhood and adult life. The stunning trailer, released Tuesday, shows off its beautiful aesthetic.

At the heart of it all seems to be a mystery of Mimi’s blurred memories, something that’s sure to be untangled through the adventure.