8 tips and tricks to know before starting Lego Fortnite

Fortnite now has its very own survival crafting game mode, Lego Fortnite. There’s tons to do in the game, but knowing where to start can be hard.

Whether you’re just trying to build a neat village or you want to take on big baddies, loading into the world for the first time can be massively overwhelming. A fresh new survival game can be hard to dip your toes into, but we got you covered.

Below, we list out a bunch of tips and tricks we wish we knew before starting Lego Fortnite and sprucing up our villages.

Trees grow back, but big rocks don’t

Lumber will be plentiful, but your methods of grabbing granite from bigger rocks will be limited. In our playthroughs, the large granite deposits never respawned, even though the trees around them did. With that in mind, plan accordingly!

Adventure around with NPCs for more protection

As you add NPCs to your village, you can assign them to adventure alongside you. When given tools and weapons, the NPC will fight baddies for you and help you collect materials. The latter is helpful, especially when you’re spelunking in caves.

A Lego Fortnite character stands with an NPC, Meowscles, in a grassy field Image: Epic Games via Polygon

Plan your buildings carefully, because you can’t move them

Unfortunately, you can’t pick up and move buildings, machinery, furniture, or anything else you build. If you want to move stuff, you’ll have to break it down and rebuild it. Not all hope is lost, as you do recoup the costs of the material when you break stuff down, but it is a pain in the butt.

Placing foundations well is the key to creating cool structures

You’ll learn this as you create building from blueprints, but the secret to building good structures is to be flexible with your foundations. Don’t just place the biggest square foundation down and start building off of that. You need to add smaller slices of foundation around those bigger squares to fit walls, corners, and pillars in correctly to your builds.

Always grab more than you need

As you build around, you’ll need to constantly farm materials: wood, granite, marble, etc. It is annoying to go back and forth between caves and your village, so make sure to grab all that you can before you head back for your own ease.

Don’t process all of your materials

After your farm up tons of wood and the like, don’t shove it all into processing machines (like a lumber mill or stone cutter). You will need the processed version of these materials, like the planks you get from wood, but you’ll often still need the raw stuff, too, so don’t get overzealous.

A Lego Fortnite structure with several processing materials inside Image: Epic Games via Polygon

Keep building more stuff

To level up your village, you’ll need to keep building stuff. Improve upon the original shacks you placed down, build a nicely furnished house for your villagers, or just test your design skills by putting together a log mansion. By doing this, you’ll level up your village in no time.

Keep wood on you for impromptu stairs

You never know when you’ll need to build a set of stairs to reach stuff in a pinch. There is nothing more horrific than going into a cave to farm some marble only to realize you can’t reach it and you don’t have anything to build stairs with. Oops! You only need two wood to build one set of stairs.